Art. Nature. Science. Program @ Binna Burra Cultural Landscape

As the Leader of this new Art. Nature. Science. Program of diverse events at Binna Burra Cultural Landscape, I can say that it is an exciting and challenging undertaking.

It is a new program for everyone including the Binna Burra Lodge guests, staff and the local community. Art and science is not new to Binna Burra though, as quite a few records of art retreats, photography classes and other events exist. From its foundations Binna Burra has been a magnet for nature loving, passionate and creative people. Some of the events we scheduled for the 2022 Program include workshops, performances, talks and retreats.

The Program is run by volunteers, including myself. I am very privlidged to have a team of talented and skilled volunteers, whos passion for Binna Burra, the local community and art, nature and science are so strong that they are willing to give their time and energy to help Binna Burra and its community on their way to recovery. 

Please contact me if you’re interested in joining our Volunteer Program Team, we still have a few positions available. 

Season 1: Autumn Events (February, March, April)

  • 12 Feb Artist-in-Residence opening talk by Renata Buziak (completed).
  • 26 Feb – Cyanotype workshop with Renata Buziak (postponed – due to severe weather).
  • 3 March – Artist talks by: Lucy Schluter (a potter), Dave Groom (landscape painter) and Helen Stubbs (creative writer) – postponed until 14 May due to severe weather conditions. FREE
  • 19 March – Painting workshop for adults and families with Helle Cook.
  • 4-6 April – Oil painting workshop for artists and students with Dave Groom.
  • 22 April – Presentation “This One Great Trip” by Gordon Holden. FREE
  •  30 April – Nature scrolling workshop and walk with Paula Peeters.

See you at some of these events at Binna Burra!

Season 2 Events coming soon. Please come back.

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