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Gondwanan Biochromes

In 2022 Binna Burra Lodge invited me to create my signature biochrome images on the Binna Burra CulturalRead more…

Bloom Collective - Renata

Art Meets Science Exhibition

Meet the Bloom Collective and other artists engaged in the Artist in Residence Science program at Ecoscience Precinct…Read more…

Jaskółcze-ziele-Chelidonium-majus-biochrome-Renata Buziak

Polish Meadows

Polish Meadows is a series of works focusing on medicinal flora of Southeast Poland… Read more…

-Habitat II biochrome Renata Buziak -


A collection of stories of Greater Brisbane residential gardens…Read more…

Ipomea-pes-caprae-astringent-biochrome-Renata Buziak -

Medicinal Plant Cycles

Medicinal Plant Cycles focuses on Australian healing plants and draws on natural science and… See more…


Bondi Beach exhibition

An outdoor exhibition at Bondi Beach in Sydney, as part of the HeadOn Photo Festival … Read more…

-Strathalbyn-Gully-soil-biochrome-Renata Buziak -

The Wrong Kind of Beauty

An art-science collaboration by Bloom Collective and soil scientists focusing on gullying and soil degradationRead more…

-At The Dam biochrome Renata Buziak -

Granite Belt Wildflowers: Out of Oblivion

Works for this exhibition were created on a forested property at Harrigans Lane, Wilsons Downfall in NSW and include the Flickering Overtones series … Read more…

Ponds-at-the-Far-Pavilions-Harrigans-Lane-The-Piano-Mill-Renata Buziak -

Flickering Overtones

Flickering Overtons – a site-specific project in the bush for the annual Piano Mill events Read more…

Tales-of-the-Puddle-Opowiesci-Kaluzy-Afterimage-Renata Buziak-renatabuziak


Afterimage presents biochromes depicting places and events experienced in my childhood  Read more…

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