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Contact me to schedule a call and discuss how You can create a harmonious environgment within your workspace, to promote well-being, increase engagement, creativity, productivity and to motivate deep care.
Photographs on this page feature examples of biophilic design elements in public spaces, all, except the Bondi Beach exhibition, are current and can be viewed:
  • Images from the Medicinal Plant Cycles series at the new Engineering, Technology and Aviation Academic Building N79, at Griffith University Nathan Campus in Brisbane. Public art commission.
  • Outdoor exhibition of Medicinal Plant Cycles at Bondi Beach in Sydney, as part of HeadOn International Photo Festival. Photos by New Heights Media.
  • Biochrome art at Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental, Everton Park, Qld (art available for sale).
  • Image Biochrome No 1, First Prize Aquisition at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Herston Qld.
  • Biochrome art Commision throughout Sunsuper, Milton Qld.
  • Biochrome art on fabrics at the Lagavulin Concert Venue Harrigans Lane, the Piano Mill (commission).
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