Corporate & Public Art

Art in Corporate setting testimonial

Engineering, Technology and Aviation Building (N79) tour highlights by Associate Professor Cheryl Desha, End-User Coordinator Academic.

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For more on Corprate aplication of my art, please, go to ECO Harmony Compass website.

Selected examples of Corporate & Public Art

Photographs on this page feature examples of biophilic design elements in public spaces, all, except the Bondi Beach exhibition, are current and can be viewed:
  • Images from the Medicinal Plant Cycles series at the new Engineering, Technology and Aviation Academic Building N79, at Griffith University Nathan Campus in Brisbane. Public art commission.
  • Outdoor exhibition of Medicinal Plant Cycles at Bondi Beach in Sydney, as part of HeadOn International Photo Festival. Photos by New Heights Media.
  • Biochrome art at Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental, Everton Park, Qld (art available for sale).
  • Image Biochrome No 1, First Prize Aquisition at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Herston Qld.
  • Biochrome art Commision throughout Sunsuper, Milton Qld.
  • Biochrome art on fabrics at the Lagavulin Concert Venue Harrigans Lane, the Piano Mill (commission).
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