Reconnect with the natural world through art and art-science research. 



My name is Renata, I am a Biochrome photomedia artist, educator and researcher helping people to reconnect with nature. I invite you to embrace the cycle of life through Biochrome art. 

What is Biochrome Art?

It is an image created through the Biochrome process that I developed to help you engage with the natural world.

What is Biochrome process?

It is a process of image making I developed by fusing organic and photographic materials over an extended period, and art-science research. A collaboration with nature.

Watch the video to view biochrome time-lapse videos, get a… glimpse into the originating methodology of Buziak’s artistic process’, and a collaboration with musician Vanessa Tomlinson. Simon Marsh, 2015

Collaborators: Renata Buziak and Vanessa Tomlinson. Video by Panoptic Press

Watch video: How art brings memories and can capture your special plants or places

by Emeritus Professor Martin Betts

Studio tour

My Garden Path

Welcome to my studio, let me show you around and reveal the secret of my Biochrome process.

Video by ABC TV Gardening Australia.

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Polish Meadows / Polskie Łąki

Reconnect with the natural world through art and art-science research and learn how Renata transforms plant decay into art.


Download this free catalogue, which includes: 10 images of healing plants, an essay Polish Meadows: Reflections and Virtuous Weeds by Dr Stephen Hobson, and list of plants and their selected uses.


This series of works focuses on medicinal flora of Southeast Poland, many of which are internationally recognised herbs with medicinal properties, such as nettle or elderberry.

Download CatalogueFestival in Barcelona

Biochrome Art

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Biochrome is an image created through the Biochrome Art process that I developed to help you connect with nature.

Artworks available for purchase

Exhibitions & Store

My Biochrome art is available in different formats for private and corporate settings.


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1. Learn one of the earliest photographic processes

2. Capture an image using the Sunlight instead of a camera


For Adults & Children

I facilitate cyanotype workshops at schools, institutions & private residencies; with groups or individuals. Check my upcoming workshops or request your own private session.