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Reconnect with the natural world through award-winning biochrome art and art-science research. 


My name is Renata, I am a Biochrome photomedia artist, educator and researcher helping people to reconnect with nature. I invite you to embrace the cycle of life through Biochrome art. 

What is Biochrome Art?

It is an image created through the Biochrome Art process that I developed to help you engage with the natural world.

What is Biochrome process?

It is a process of image making I developed, based on fusion of organic and photographic materials over an extended period of time, and art-science research. A collaboration with nature.

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My Garden Path - Studio Tour

Welcome to my studio, let me show you around and reveal the secret of my Biochrome process.

Video by ABC TV Gardening Australia.

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Medicinal Plant Cycles

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Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Images and video on this page:
  • Renata Buziak, Corymbia gummifera (bloodwood) …bactericide…, (fragment), Archival pigment on paper, 2012, sizes variable.
  • Video by Gardening Australia ABC TV