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Dr Renata Buziak

Dr Renata Buziak

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Dr Renata Buziak is a biochrome artist, researcher and educator working at the nexus of art and science, with a particular interest in nature. Her photographic research is based in plant life, and she has a PhD in Visual Art from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, and has previously taught there and at other academic institutions.

By bending the rules of traditional photography by letting photographic materials interact with organic matter, Renata developed a unique process of creating art that she calls the biochrome. These images help her and others connect with nature. Renata’s biochromes have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

She has received a number of awards for her work, and it is featured in private and public collections. Renata’s innovative process led her to work with homeowners, business owners and leaders to help enhance the experience of their spaces in harmony with the natural world. Currently, as the ECO Harmony Guide, she takes her clients on a journey of becoming ECO Harmony Leaders.

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Concepts about Renata’s practice included in an essay by Simon Marsh The Absolute Authority of Authenticity: An Unselfconscious Universal Art

  • Fascination with herbal flora
  • Art and science
  • Timelessness
  • Fluctuating rhythmic and dynamic state of constant change
  • Beyond the constructs of time, decay and renewal
  • The photogram and history of photography
  • Australian healing plants and Indigenous knowledge
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration and artistic growth

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What is Biochrome Art?

It is an image created through the Biochrome Art process that I developed to help you connect with nature.

What is a Biochrome Art process?

It is a process of image making based on fusion of organic and photographic materials over an extended period; and art-science research. A collaboration with nature.

Renata Buziak.


Dive even deeper and read the accompanying Essay on art-science studio research.

The Absolute Authority of Authenticity: An Unselfconscious Universal Art. Essay by  Simon Marsh

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