Glimpse into the originating methodology of Buziak’s artistic process” 

Simon Marsh, 2015

  • Fascination with the herbal flora
  • Art and science cross-fertilisation
  • Fluctuating rhythmic and dynamic state of constant change
  • Timelessness
  • Beyond the constructs of time, decay and renewal
  • The photogram and history of photography 
  • Australian healing plants and Indigenous knowledge   
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration and artistic growth


‘Biochrome is created through the spirited interactions between sensitometry and biochemistry, given the constructs of linear time, cyclical time, decay and renewal’.

If this sparks your interest, watch the video below. 

Collaborators; Renata Buziak, Vanessa Tomlinson. Video by Panoptic Press

You can dive even deeper and read the accompanying Essay. 


The Absolute Authority of Authenticity: An Unselfconscious Universal Art. Essay by  Simon Marsh

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