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iam (Island artists & makers)  Straddie Arts Trail  

Dates: 12 – 21 August 2022

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Venue: multiple venues in three townships

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Venue showcasing Renata’s work:

1/9 Ballow Road, 

Goompie (Dunwich) 

Monjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) 

Qld 4184

Biochromes and In Transitions collaboration at iam Stradie Trail

I am thrilled to present some of my work and a collaborative project, at the iam Straddie Arts Trail.

The exhibition will present works from the Medicinal Plant Cycles series of Minjerribah’s healing plants, which were the focus of my PhD research in consultations with members of the Quandamooka community.

In addition, the In Transitions works created in collaboration with Vicki Kelleher and Zoe Wolfe will also feature in the exhibition, including several individual pieces by each one of us.

This collaboration explores the internal shifts experienced by residents and visitors during their passage from mainland to island, and where their state of ‘arrival’ occurs. Collaborative works were created by layering textural convergences of photo-media, poetry, and drawings; interwoven with the shared feelings and memories of community and the artists themselves.

In Transitions collaborative images: 

Each of the collaborative works is a prints on canvas, 70 x 100cm:

1. Seeing blue through green– depicts moments along the road between Goompi (Dunwich) and Mooloomba (Point Lookout) where the trees part and you catch a glimpse of ocean and sky.

2. Moving with tide – an aerial perspective looking over water and landing spaces, the movement we make across the bay.

3. Arriving takes its own time –  the sense of connection with the landscape and feeling we have come home or landed in a place that is uniquely special to each of us.

A catalogue of the project, including an essay by Genevieve Memory will also be available.

More information from the premiere exhibition at the: Redland Art Gallery.

Images on this page:
  • Photo of Renata: Julie Sisco
  • Artwork: Renata Buzia, Vicki Kelleher, Zoe Wolfe, Seeing blue through green, 2021, ed/3, 70 x 100cm, archival print on canvas.
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