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EXP.22– III International Festival on Experimental Photography in Barcelona


anth(r)opogeny in contemporary photography


Tuesday 19 July 2022, 7 – 9pm, free entry

Exhibition Dates:

19 July – 24 July


Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, C / Comte d’Urgell, 187, 08036 Barcelona

About the Exibition in Barcelona

This exhibition explores what it means to place oneself into an archive- physically and/or metaphorically. Archives allow us to reimagine the past, live in the present, and conceptualize the future.

The idea of photography in itself is archival, but how can those boundaries be pushed? Archives can be expressed through familial narratives, critical race theory, gender and sexuality studies, and even historical photographic processes. Theories around archives can be tied to memories, nostalgia, and generational identity.

Each artist and viewer tends to create their own contextual narrative when viewing as we do when we find antiquities from pre-text history.

New narratives can be formed when the artist applies their own contemporary interests to the work. Then, archives may lose their original intent and context, while being able to construct new concepts. On the other hand, the archival nature of the work may also be restored.

The three floors will be separated thematically by body, nature, and experience. This exhibition aims to allow artists to reclaim their own history, bodies, and environment, and express their experiences in a way that feels genuine to them.

EXP.22  – III International Festival on Experimental Photography offers a full program of over 130 activities in five days!

In addition to this exhibition, I have the opportunity to present my new work in progress: Rainforest Biochromes at the Festival Conference session titled:

Traces, Biochrome, and Kintsugi with Ann Massal + Daniela Melo + Renata Buziak + Irina Chernikova

Link to the Presentation page: Speaking at a Conference in Barcelona

Download: Polish Meadows Catalogue

More About the Exhibition

A major showcase for experimental photography

The EXP.22 festival is opening five exhibitions showcasing the work of 69 international artists.

EXP.22, an international festival of experimental photography for photographers of all levels, will be held from 20 to 24 July. It will host 80 workshops, 40 conferences and 10 OFF activities, as well as five exhibitions, which will be available until September. The event is organised by the association Experimentalphotofestival, with the support of the Barcelona City Council and various international photography brands.

One of the exhibitions will be held in Projekteria, called The Artist Exhibition, and will open its doors on 19 July. Curated by Lena Storjohann and assisted by a digital algorithm, this experimental exhibition is conceptual and intentionally provocative, with a formal approach that aims to question the status quo of art exhibitions. On the same day, at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, the exhibition /ˈärˌkīv/ anth(r)opogeny in contemporary photography will be launched. Curated by Cali M. Banks, it explores what it means to place oneself in an archive, physically and/or metaphorically. In Among bodies, which will open on the 20th at the Pati Llimona Civic Centre, the participating artists display techniques, imaginaries, pains and feelings to cross corporeality. The exhibition has been curated by Camilo Londoño Hernández.

The fourth of the planned exhibitions will also open on 20 July, and to see it, you will have to go to the Mutuo centre in Paraguay Street. It is entitled Ephemeral rituals of audiovisual consumption, and, in this case, is an ephemeral performance exhibition that includes other disciplines and techniques applied to photography, curated and intervened by Belén VilanovaMarta Martín Suárez and Matías Niklison. The last exhibition, opening on 21 July at the Nau BostikLux-e-trance. La puerta de Saturno, is “a march towards the cosmic eternity of the image”, according to the organisation.

All five exhibitions are collective, with the participation of 69 artists, and admission is free. You can find more information at this link.


Publication date: Wednesday, 13 July 2022 –
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  • EXP.22 – III International Festival on Experimental Photography Exhibition Poster
  • Renata Buziak, Babka zwyczajna, Plantago major, 2018, Biochrome / Pigment print on paper.
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