Image: Renata Buziak, Black Wattle (Callicoma serratifolia) Delight, 2022

Join us at Binna Burra Lodge for ANS Program Celebrations!!!

Art. Nature. Science. (ANS) Program

  • Performance: Gondwana Echoes by Bloom Collective at 3pm
  • Artist-in-Residence Exhibition Opening: Gondwanan Biochromes by Renata Buziak
  • Podcast Launch: Art. Nature. Science. at Binna Burra
  •  Book Launch: Art. Nature. Science. at Binna Burra

Welcome to Country: Uncle Ted Williams

Event Host: Suzanne Noakes, BBL Shareholder, Vice President Lamington Natural History Association (LNHA), Community Volunteer, Bushwalker, Travel Enthusiast.

    • The inaugural Artist-in-Residence, Renata Buziak’s EXHIBITION Opening will be preceded by a performance by Bloom Collective.

    Renata Buziak is the first Artist-in-Residence at Binna Burra Lodge in the legacy of Vida Lahey, a prominent Queensland artist (1882 -1968). Renata’s new work features biochrome images of native flora from Binna Burra, with focus on Gondwana lineage plants.

    Bloom Collective: Jan Baker-Finch (movement), Renata Buziak (images), Erik Griswold (sound), Vicki Kelleher (poetry), Vanessa Tomlinson (sound).


      Binna Burra Lodge

      Mt Roberts & Pottery Shed

      1040 Binna Burra Rd

      Beechmont, Queensland

      The Scenic Rim Hinterland of the Gold Coast

      Date: Opening Sunday 4th December 2022

      Time: 3:00pm – 5:30pm

      Everyone Welcome – Free event

      Gondwanan Biochromes 

      Exhibition continues 5-15 December at the Pottery Shed

      Monday, Tuesday 9am – 5pm 

      Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11am – 7pm

      Saturday, Sunday 9am – 5pm

      other times on request


      Public Program:

      Daily art activity for children and adults (pop in any time)


      Exhibition Tours with the artist:

      Tuesday 6 December 4-5pm

      Wednesday 7 December 11am-12pm

      Sunday 11 December 1-2pm

      Wednesday 13 December 1-2 pm


      Exhibition Closing Artist Talk:

      Thursday 15th December 4-5pm

      BB Podcast 2022 - Renata Buziak - website,
      • Launch of Binna Burra’s PODCAST, an initiative of Art. Nature. Science. (ANS) Program, managed by Michelle Walker, a visual artist based in Northern Rivers and the first Binna Burra Lodge Podcast host and Manager.

      Art. Nature. Science. on the Binna Burra Cultural Landscape is a podcast that tells the story of the mountain’s natural wonder through art-making and exploring the creative spirit, and celebrates the history and heritage of the magnificent World Heritage Area that is Lamington National Park.

      Renata Buziak-Art.Nature.Science. at BB - book 2022
      • Launch of Binna Burra’s BOOK,  an initiative of ANS Program, managed by Lynn Sawtell, edited by Jayne Fenton Keane.

      This publication provides documentation of Binna Burra’s 2022 ANS Program: from its inception, legacy and historical basis, to the scientific inquiry and artistic practices that continue to inspire the community and nurture its connection to nature. 

      Focusing on the local environment, engagement of diverse disciplines and support of volunteers that made it all possible, it provides a snapshot of creative, personal and scientific responses to Lamington National Park’s unique natural environment. 

      It is a guide to inspire Art. Nature. Science. Program leaders of the future. 

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