Binna Burra

1040 Binna Burra Rd
Beechmont, Queensland

The scenic rim hinterland of the Gold Coast.

Art embraces science at Binna Burra







Art embraces science at Binna Burra

From the early 20th Century, art and science flourished at Binna Burra. For many years the mountain attracted artists, scientists, nature lovers, educators and families who got their hands dirty, worked hard and enjoyed creative activities in this spectacular place. Then one day, for seemingly no particular reason, it all disappeared. Years passed until the 2019 bush fires swept through and devastated the region. In the wake of the devastation, the community stood together to support its beloved mountain. A deep longing for creative activities emerged, which has led to a new Artist in Residence program. Finally, Binna Burra will be able to host art and science activities again, with Dr Renata Buziak to serve as the inaugural 2022 Artist in Residence.

A biochrome photo-media artist, researcher and educator who works at the nexus of art and science, Renata has a particular interest in nature. Her photographic research is based in plant life, and she has a PhD in Visual Art from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Her biochrome images help her and others connect with nature. Renata’s works have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally, featured in ABC TV’s Gardening Australia – and are currently on display at the Binna Burra Tea House at Lamington National Park, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for Tea House visitors. You can find out more about the program and more of Renata’s art here on her website.

The Artist-in-Residence on the Binna Burra Cultural Landscape program honours the legacy of the eminent Queensland artist, Vida Lahey (1882-1968), painter and sister of Romeo Lahey (1887-1968), the co-founder of the National Parks Association of Queensland and Binna Burra Lodge. The program will expand the required post-bushfire focus on ‘hard infrastructure’ into the foundations of the ‘soft infrastructure’ – described by Binna Burra’s chair as “the stuff that underpins the ‘spirit of Binna Burra”. Binna Burra Lodge chair and National Parks Association of Queensland councillor Steve Noakes says the program heralds a generational opportunity. “This program will also bring new creative ideas to surprising spaces and wonderful experiences around the Binna Burra Cultural Landscape, helping people to reconnect with nature as part of the ongoing bushfire recovery and resilience process at Binna Burra,” he says. “It will be a generational opportunity to harness the power of the indigenous and pre/post-colonial era stories associated with the Binna Burra Cultural

Landscape to connect communities, improve happiness and health and stimulate creative thinking for the new era of Binna Burra Lodge.”

Visit Binna Burra’s website to find out more about the Artist-in-Residence program on the Binna Burra Cultural Landscape.

Article in  Ocean Road Magazine, Issue #45 – Summer, January 2022.

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