Residential Art

Watch video: How art brings memories and can capture your special plants or places

by Emeritus Professor Martin Betts

Ponds-at-the-Far-Pavilions-biochrome-Stanthorpe-residence-Renata Buziak -

By delighted residents in Stanthorpe


Residential-Leptospermum-semibaccatum--insect-repellent-Renata Buziak -

At Red Hill residence

Brisbane Queensland

Biochrome-No1-Sunshine-Coast-Residential- Renata Buziak -

Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast in Queensland

This biochrome has been with us for many years. It is proudly displayed in our sunroom. We love the colours and the texture. It links us to nature and reminds us of plant life. It reflects back onto our garden and looks different depending on light and time of the day. Thank you Renata for manking such a wonderfu artwork. Agata and Juan.

Leptospermum-semibaccatum-insect-repellent-Residential-Renata Buziak -

At Red Hill residence

Brisbane Queensland

Toowong-EA-home-residential-Renata Buziak -

By EL at Toowong

Brisbane Queensland

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  • Photos in domestic spaces mostly supplied by anonymous residents. Thank you for sharing!
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