Photo Album

Images on this page:
  • Wildflowers of the Granite Belt, Photo by Patricia Olazo
  • Golden Stream at The Piano Mill and Flickering Overtones in the forest at The Piano Mill Harrigans Lane Collective
  • Flickering Overtones in the forest at The Piano Mill 
  • Art and Science Unfolding Rhythms Exhibition at the The 29t International Horticultural Congress Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre
  • Medicinal Plant Cycles exhibition at GAFFA Gallery Sydney
  • Medicinal Plant Cycles Exhibition at WM Gallery in Amsterdam
  • Polish Meadows exhibition, PolArt Festival, Grey Street Gallery, QCA Galleries Brisbane
  • ClockedOut performance, Wildflowers of the Granite Belt at POP Gallery. Photos by Patricia Olazo
  • Bloom Collective at Murphy’s Creek Gully, The Wrong Kind of Beauty Art and Science Collaboration. Full article at Offce of the Queensland Chief Scientist. Photo by Tangible Media