May – July 2021

In Transitions

Passage from Mainland to Island



‘Moving with Tide’, (detail), 2021, Archival pigment print on canvas, 70 x 100cm, by Renata Buziak, Vicki Kelleher, and Zoë Wolfe.

A multi-art collaboration by Renata Buziak, Vicki Kelleher and Zoë Wolfe.

This exhibition explores the internal shifts experienced by residents and visitors during their passage from mainland to island, and where their state of ‘arrival’ occurs.

Exhibition Venues and dates:

Redland Art Gallery Foyer

13 May – 18 July 2021


RAG Red Box

9 June — 23 July 2021

ONGOING exhibition


Climate Change

affects medicinal plants’ lifecycle

On a small Island this can include rain fall changes, and sea waters rising affecting the island’s unique ecology. Let’s closely consider the value of healing plants, helping to support and preserve traditional knowledge, natural environments and biodiversity.

Sesuvium portulacastrum, Carpobrotus glaucescens, and Ipomoea pes-caprae … stings remedial…

2015, archival pigment print on paper

Ongoing exhibition

Conference dates:

5th & 12th December 2020

Past Exhibitions

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