May – July 2021

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In Transitions-Becoming-More-Renata-Buziak-Vicki-Kelleher-Zoe-Wolfe

A multi-art collaboration by Renata Buziak, Vicki Kelleher and Zoe Wolfe.

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In Transitions


This exhibition explores the internal shifts experienced by residents and visitors during their passage from mainland to island, and where their state of ‘arrival’ occurs. Collaborative works were created by layering textural convergences of photo-media, poetry, and drawings; interwoven with the shared feelings and memories of community and the artists themselves.

The In_Transitions project concept grew from the three artists’ own experiences of living on, working, or frequently visiting the island of Minjerribah, and from discussions with some of the Island’s community members and visitors in recent years.

This idea of transitioning between mainland and the Island, and how it makes people feel, was further explored in a short survey of questions that the artists created to more deeply understand the experiences, sensations, mental state, and feelings of community and travellers. The generous responses to this survey provided the basis for the themes underlying this exhibition such as: leaving, disconnecting, transitioning, and arriving, each explored through the artworks.

In Transitions consists of a body of collaborative 2D works, encompassing layered elements from photo-media, poetry, & drawing, visually interwoven into experimental assemblages. Each work is an exploration into the many transitions we undergo in our movement from mainland to island, as residents, some-time residents, visitors, to where we find ourselves actually arriving.

Images on this page:

  • ‘Becoming More’, (detail), mixed media, by Renata Buziak, Vicki Kelleher, and Zoe Wolfe.