Watch the video to view biochrome time-lapse videos, get

a… glimpse into the originating methodology of Buziak’s artistic process’*,

and a collaboration with musician Vanessa Tomlinson.

*Simon Marsh, 2015

Collaborators: Renata Buziak and Vanessa Tomlinson. Video by Panoptic Press

Concepts about Renata’s practice included in the essay by Simon Marsh below:

  • Fascination with herbal flora
  • Art and science
  • Timelessness
  • Fluctuating rhythmic and dynamic state of constant change
  • Beyond the constructs of time, decay and renewal
  • The photogram and history of photography
  • Australian healing plants and Indigenous knowledge
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration and artistic growth


What is Biochrome Art?

It is an image created through the Biochrome Art process that I developed to help you connect with nature.

What is a Biochrome Art process?

It is a process of image making I developed, based on fusion of organic and photographic materials over an extended period of time; and art-science research. A collaboration with nature.

Renata Buziak.

Dive even deeper and read the accompanying Essay on art-science studio research. 


The Absolute Authority of Authenticity: An Unselfconscious Universal Art. Essay by  Simon Marsh

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